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SWTOR Probleme mit Patch 3.0 – Shadow of Revan

Der Early Access zu Shadow of Revan startete mit großen Erwartungen, allerdings gibt es derzeit einige Fehler und Latenz-Probleme die recht nervig und störend sind.

SWTOR Probleme mit Patch 3.0 – Shadow of Revan

Im offiziellen Forum gibt es bereits eine Liste der bekannten Probleme und ein Statement zu den Latenz-Problemen der Server.

Blizzard PosterBioware on Bekannte Probleme (Source)

Hey folks, here are a handful of Known Issues that you may encounter while progressing through the Shadow of Revan content. This is by no means complete, and will be updated as needed. Thanks!

  • Grouped players attempting to start Shadow of Revan from another player’s ship will encounter a number of issues associated with the cinematics. Workaround: Until we resolve these issues, please start Shadow of Revan from your own player ship Mission Console and then group with other players upon reaching the planet surface.
  • The final boss of The Ravagers does not provide any loot.
  • When grouped, players who interact with the Mission Console of the group leader’s ship will receive an error message or not see the Mission “Chapter 5: Shadow of Revan” as available.
  • If a player walks near the edge of the platform in the Trader’s Causeway, they will be killed.
  • The Battle of Rishi Flashpoint is missing French and German text for Light and Dark Side choices.
  • Shadows and Assassins do not receive any items if selecting the Force-Lord’s Gear Pack when completing the Mission “Confederacy” on Yavin 4.
  • The Mission Reward for the Mission “Shadow of Revan: Prelude” is displayed as “undefined.” The Mission still awards the correct items.
  • The Rishi Maze Demolisher’s MK-2 set is incorrectly named the Rishi Maze Med-tech’s MK-2.
  • The Rishi Maze Med’s Techs MK-2 set is incorrectly named the Rishi Maze Demolisher’s MK-2.
  • The “Wall Gears” Decoration does not drop in the Blood Hunt Flashpoint as intended.
  • It is currently impossible to complete the healing challenge during Dread Master Raptus’ encounter in Nightmare Dread Palace.
  • The Yavin Temple Chandelier Decoration does not drop from the Temple of Sacrifice as intended.
  • The Story Mode Operation tooltip does not include the new level 60 Weeklies and the level 55 Weekly category appears outdated.

Blizzard PosterBioware on Latenz-Probleme (Source)

Hey folks,

I wanted to let you know that we just implemented a fix to begin addressing some of the lag issues you have been experiencing on Yavin. Although this fix won’t address everything immediately, you should start to see an improvement in performance. If things still seem the same to you as the did before please let us know. Alternately, if you haven’t seen a performance change, please try leaving Yavin and returning to the area. In some circumstances (along with our fix) that can help.

Thanks everyone. We will continue to monitor the issue and give you updates as we have them.


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