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SWTOR Operation Victory Turnier

Im offiziellen SWTOR Forum hat Eric Musco nun eine Zusammenarbeit mit der ESL bekannt gegeben und das erste Operation Victory Turnier angekündigt.

SWTOR Operation Victory Turnier

Das Turnier gestaltet sich ein wenig anders als normale E-Sport Turniere, so soll es hierbei das Ziel sein so schnell wie möglich mit 8 Leuten den Story-Modus der Operations anzugehen.

Blizzard PosterBioware on Operation Victory Turnier (Source)

Hey folks,

BioWare is partnering with ESL to host our first ever “Operation Victory” tournament. It is a contest to “speedrun” our 8-man story mode Operations from Shadow of Revan. We wanted to give you about a week’s notice so you have time to get your teams together and establish your strategies.

We will announce all of the details within the next week but here are some of the key pieces of information:

  • The competition will be team based and all Operations run will be 8-man story mode
  • The qualifying heat will be one week – starting next Tuesday
  • The entire tournament will run over a few weeks with you submitting your timed runs to ESL
  • The best teams of the qualifying round will advance to the final round – winners based on details we’ll provide
  • There are some serious rewards up for grabs including, but not limited to, cash prizes for the top two teams, in-game items, and even a trip to be our guest at STAR WARS: Celebration!

Look for another post within the next week detailing everything about the contest. I know many of you will be showcasing your practice, and real runs, on Twitch. I will make a separate thread closer to contest where you can post your twitch channels along with dates/times! I am looking forward to seeing all of the great Operations runs.

Thanks everyone.


Hey folks!

Just to address some of the questions I am seeing…

Cortanni Encounter – We are working on some fixes around that encounter and intend to deploy them on Tuesday to ensure the encounter is in a better place before we head into the competition.
Rules Specifications – I have seen quite a few questions around things like skipping trash, boss mechanics, etc. We will be publishing all of that information in the full rules announcement with ESL by next week’s start of the competition. We want to make sure the competition is fair, but also understand the nature of speedrunning.


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