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SWTOR Infos zu den PvP-Raumschlachten

SWTOR Infos zu den PvP-RaumschlachtenErinnert Ihr Euch noch an das Super Secret Space Project? Mittlerweile ist bekannt, dass es eine Art PvP-Raumkampf wird, wo sich Spieler mit verschiedenen Raumschiffen gegeneinander messen können.

Neue Informationen

Es gibt mittlerweile neue Informationen auf Reddit dazu. Die Dataminer waren wieder fleißig und haben einige Funktionen des neuen Sektors von SWTOR herausgefunden.

Was haltet Ihr eigentlich von den kommenden PvP-Raumkämpfen in SWTOR? Freut Ihr Euch genauso wie wir darauf?

Folgendes wurde auf Reddit veröffentlicht:

Hangar – Overview
Learn the major features of the Galactic Starfighter hangar.


The Galactic Starfighter hangar is broken up into several easy to navigate elements:

Account info and Requisition: (The currency of Galactic Starfighter) info can be found along the top of the hangar.


Tabs: Just below this you will find tabs that provide access to every section of the hangar.

Panes: Each tab is separated into panes that will allow you to make selections, observe changes, and access details about your ships and their various components.


Starting with Ships and moving all the way through Launch, the tabs along the top of the hangar will step you through the process of creating and readying a loadout that you can fly into galactic conflict.

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Click on the tabs individually to access their content or step between them using the Next and Back buttons at the bottom of the hangar interface.



The contents of each tab in the hangar is broken into three separate panes of information.

The left pane will allow you to select various options.


The center pane will display the choices you’ve made and how they affect your ship.

The right pane contains details about your ship, selected, component, modification, or crew member. This is also where you can manage component upgrades and modification paint schemes.

Hangar – Launch Tab Learn how to ready your ships and launch into battle.


From the Launch Tab you can review and ready ships to queue for battle or toggle back to other tabs to adjust your equipment loadouts.


At the bottom of the tab you’ll find your loadouts (packages containing your choice of ship, components, modifications, and crew) and just above that are slots indicating which loadouts you’ve chosen as being Ready For Battle.

Getting into the action is as simple and choosing which loadouts you want to ready and pressing one of the Queue buttons.Readied Ships
To Ready a ship, simply drag a loadout to one of the slots in the **Ready for Battle


The loadout on the left side of the bar will be the ship you initially spawn in when you enter a battle.

You can rearrange readied loadouts by dragging icons from one position on the bar to another. Drag an icon off of the bar completely or drag another non-readied loadout over it to remove it from the bar.

Details about a selected loadout will show up in the right pane.


The queue buttons appear at the bottom of the right pane on the Launch Tab and allow you to either Solo Queue or Group Queue. Both queue options will put you in line for the next battle once enough other players are queued as well.


If you are currently part of a group, use the Group Queue button to queue your entire group for battle so that when you enter combat, you’ll all be on the same team.

In Galactic Starfighter, being in a group has little impact outside of facilitating more focused communication during battle.

Hangar – Ships Tab
Learn about creating loadouts and choosing ships.

Creating a Loadout

The first steps to joining the conflict as a Galactic Starfighter are creating a new loadout and choosing a ship.

A loadout is simply a package containing your choice of ship, components, etc. To begin simply click on a Create New Loadout button at the bottom of the center pane and a new loadout will be created for you to edit.


Choosing a Ship

The left pane of the Ships Tab will offer a selection of available ship roles. Clicking on a ship role will reveal a selection of ships you currently have unlocked for that role.

Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as equipment and modification options that will be selected on other tabs.

Select a ship from the list to see its visual appearance in the center pane and its technical details in the right pane.



Detailed technical information about your selected ship can be seen in the right pane. From here you can make decisions about which ship you want to fly based on stats such as damage, accuracy, speed, and maneuverability.


Hangar – Components Tab
Learn how to equip and upgrade your ship’s components.


Components are your ship’s weapons, engines, systems, and defenses. Every ship comes equipped with a default set of components allowing you to get into action quickly, but as you become a more skilled pilot you’ll want to choose your own complement of components to suit your piloting style.



Components are broken into categories in the left pane. Clicking on a category will show you all the components you currently own and can equip as well as those you can unlock.

Clicking on a component will show you any physical changes made to your ship in the center pane while also bringing up details and upgrade info in the right pane.

Clicking on an unlocked component in the list immediately equips it to your ship and adds it to the current loadout. Locked components will be grayed out and have purchase information displayed alongside them.


Every component has a set of upgrades that can be purchased using Requisition, a type of currency gained by participating in Galactic Starfighter battles.

Upgrades enhance various aspects of a component’s functionality, making blasters stronger and engines faster for instance.


Hangar – Modifications Tab
Learn about paint jobs and cosmetic modifications to ships.


Modifications are things like paint jobs and color crystals that will affect the cosmetic appearance of your ship. Every ship has access to a number of modification options that can be purchased to customize its appearance, but having a modification applied is not a requirement for getting into battle.

Modifications are listed within the left pane.


Patterns are different styles of paint job that can be applied to your ship. These are listed in the left pane.

Clicking on a pattern that you currently own in the list will apply it to your current ship in the center pane and bring up customization info in the right pane. Patterns that you don’t own will be greyed out and have purchase information displayed alongside it.


Once you have selected a pattern for a ship, customization options will show up in the right pane. Each pattern has two colors that you can choose to modify on your own using the color select interface or by choosing one of several provided preset combinations.

To choose your own colors, click on either the primary or secondary color in the color select interface and then use the color wheel to modify it or enter the desired RGB color values and press the Accept button to save it.

Hangar – Crew Tab
Learn about choosing and assigning crew members.

Crew Members

Crew members are characters that can be assigned to various positions on your ship and that confer bonuses and additional combat abilities. There are two types of crew member:

Support Crew: These are crew members who are assigned to work on your ship while it is not in flight and in doing so provide your ship with passive bonuses.

Copilot: This is a member of your support crew that comes with you into battle and provides you with an additional special ability that can be used during combat.

When a crew member is selected, detailed information about that crew member including whatever bonuses they apply will be display in the right pane.


There are four support crew positions and each crew member has a specific position they are allowed to fill.

In the left pane on the Crew tab is a list of each position. Clicking on a position will open a list of crew members that can be assigned to that position. Clicking on an unlocked, crew member will assign them to that position. Locked crew members will be grayed out and have purchase information displayed alongside them.

As with components, each loadout may have a different complement of crew.


Your copilot is chosen from among your currently assigned support crew. Clicking on the copilot position will open a list with only those currently assigned support crew members in it. Clicking on a crew member from this list will assign them as your copilot.

In addition to the passive abilities they apply as a member of your support crew, your copilots all have active abilities that you can use to gain an edge during battle. These abilities will appear along with your systems, shields, and engine abilities on screen while in combat.

Hangar – Battle Record
Learn how to view your Battle Record stats.

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