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SWTOR Cantina Tour in Boston abgesagt

Eigentlich sollte am Rande der PAX East eine weitere SWTOR Cantina Tour stattfinden, doch diese wurde nun im offiziellen Star Wars: The old Republic Forum von Community Manager Eric Musco abgesagt.

SWTOR Cantina Tour in Boston abgesagt

Als Grund dafür werden die besonders schlechten Wetterverhältnisse genannt. Die neuen Informationen von der geplanten Cantina Tour werden zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt im Livestream gezeigt.

Blizzard PosterBioware on SWTOR Cantina Tour in Boston abgesagt (Source)

Hey folks,

Unfortunately I am here to deliver some bad news. Due to the crazy winter the northeast has been getting hit with, we are going to cancel our Boston Cantina Event. I know this may impact plans that some of you are having and so we tried to make this decision ASAP based on what the weather conditions looked like. I will make sure our news article and Facebook event also reflect this.

However, as you know, at our Cantinas it has been our goal to change up the format a little bit. Focus less on the Q&A and more on a presentation or something akin to that where we can deliver new information. Well, we are going to take our plans from PAX East and wrap that into a live stream. I don’t have an exact date yet, my guess is we will do a livestream the week after PAX where we will talk about what’s coming in the future!

I will post more information on the livestream once I have it. Thank you all for your understanding.


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