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SWTOR alte Fähigkeiten neu lernen?

Mit der Erweiterung Shadow of Revan waren einige Spieler überrascht, sie mussten beim Klassenlehrer Fähigkeiten die sie bereits kannten noch einmal neu kaufen.

SWTOR alte Fähigkeiten neu lernen?

Handelt es sich hierbei um einen Fehler? Tatsächlich nicht. Eric Musco bestätigte nun im offiziellen SWTOR Forum, dass man Fähigkeiten, welche sich verändert haben neu kaufen muss. Grund dafür ist das Disziplin-System. Er hätte aber vorher nicht gedacht, dass es so viele Fähigkeiten werden.

Blizzard PosterBioware on Fähigkeiten kaufen (Source)

Hey folks,

Ok so I have an update on the training/re-training of abilities with the launch of 3.0. With all of the changes that hit with 3.0 to Disciplines, it is intended that there are abilities that need to be trained/re-trained. Here are some of the criteria that could cause this to happen:

  • If an existing ability changed, in name or functionality. This could especially affect Disciplines which used to share an overlapping name and set of abilities, such as Lethality Sniper/Operative.
  • We adjusted at what level you would acquire certain ranks of skills. If you are a character pre-55 you may be training skills at ranks that were previously unavailable.
  • In some cases we moved abilities from the Base Class to the Advanced Class or vice-versa. This technically means you could have to retrain an ability you already had, since it changed where/how you got it.

I had not realized the scope of abilities that would need to be trained or I would have been more proactive in alerting everyone to this prior to 3.0. With this in mind, the need to train/re-train abilities in 3.0 is intended and therefore we are not planning on making any changes at this time. I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you for your understanding.


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